New Beginnings

Okay, so here it is.

Hi, I’m Utkarsh, people often call me UK because no-one can say Utkarsh. (UK are my initials in case you’re wondering). My brother Vay and I are taking up a new commitment. To blog, vlog and pod at least once a week for at least 1 year and document our journey as we move into entrepreneurship and out of the 9-5 once and for all.

The idea to do a joint social based venture made a lot of sense since we’ve both been experiencing the same sort of things and have come to similar conclusions. We’ve both had a mixed time of it with tradition work over the last few years and have both come to conclusions that:

a) We are not cut out to work for anyone
b) Working doing what you love for a paycheck eventually drives your passion away
c) Now is the best time to make a remote living doing almost anything with passion!

We thought that sharing things with a wider audience will hopefully provide great value to those of you who are in a similar spot, or going through a similar journey. Not only this but a level of public accountability should serve us well in following through with our commitment.

Our first main entrepreneurial endeavour is into the world of internet marketing. Now this is a very broad term and can go very deep! We will start with affiliate marketing and look at starting from $0 with the aim of making a return on our marketing spend within the first month.

As of today (July 31st 2017), we’ve bought a domain with 1 year’s hosting services, set up a wordpress account, mapped the account to the domain, added an email marketing integration to our domain’s DNS records, found a suitable product to market as an affiliate and importantly made a landing page with a lead magnet to capture emails with, relating to our offer! There’s still time to map the domain to our lead page, create a FB page to post on Facebook and then create an ad campaign to drive eyeballs to our post.

I’ll be writing a little something up every day but we’ll be also jumping behind the camera and mic in the days and weeks to come.

Til tomorrow






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