Curbing carb cravings by going old school

Why is it that when we are at our most hungriest.. we want what is the worst food for us?..

And the fact that this happens to me too many times for it to be a fluke means I think this is another serious issue I need to address.

Yesterday for example, after a great day of working away on just a coffee into the afternoon, soon enough it was the early evening. My sudden food cravings gave way and rather than take the roundabout 2nd exit to go home, I went around once more and took the 1st exit to go to Tesco!

“Okay, cool, I’m hungry, let’s not go crazy.. let’s not buy anything rash now…”

Nope. Multibag of crisps (chips) and a 4 pack of chocolate mousses.

I didn’t even have a spoon?


Accurate depiction of me last night at Church Langley Tesco carpark. 

After the hunger fog wore away I thought what the heck was that? Complete irrational over indulgence and now I feel like I swallowed a loaf of bread.

Well, though I had good intentions with my morning fasting, part of my intermittent fasting, the fact I didn’t have a meal planned to eat in the afternoon was me planning to fail.

So to avoid defeat today and for the future, I’ve invested in what I believe to be the solution…



Compartmentalised tupperware in actual fact.

Yup. It’s refridgeable, microwaveable and even freezable. The ones I have bought come with small compartments so I can split my food up keeping salts away from sweets should I choose. Real fancy right.

Honestly, it all feels rather childish it’s come to ‘lunchboxes’ but having this level of control and measure in place with my food will ensure that I can easily..

a) plan what I’m eating
b) keep my food within the desired macro/calorie range
c) eat quickly and conveniently
d) stop funding Tesco’s carb factory

I know having dabbled in discipline food prep before it builds great momentum in other others, and now with me actively looking to develop a sleep pattern, this move into food prep could prove to be a perfect partner to help. Time to tackle this properly!


For those interested, the tupperware set by California Home Goods can be purchased on Amazon UK here.

US family you can get yours here! 
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