The #1 key to keeping up momentum

August is the start of my personal Q4. The last three months of my year until my birthday. It’s an exciting time for me as I end up finding an extra gear and end up outdoing myself and finishing strongly building up great momentum to reach my annual goals.

(Actually it’s kind of infuriating and has me thinking why I wasn’t able to find this energy throughout the year!.. Anyway…)

Though I am always one to keep goals in my mind both process and outcome based, I generally have a tough time finishing. I thought about why I’ve had such a tough time of motivation, discipline, inconsistency in general throughout the year during the pursuit and I believed it came down to this 1 factor.

Self esteem.

Yup. Your self image. How you see yourself. Your self talk. Your internal view of the outside. Your self appreciation. Your optimism levels. Call it what you will, but basically…

The level of love you have in your heart. 

Kinda sounds soft, maybe it is, but it’s so true.

I’ve found it to be the no.1 factor when looking back over the year, or even further, the level of success and achievement has been heavily fuelled by the level of love, passion, commitment and drive that comes from within.

The external environment becomes secondary or almost unimportant because the internal dialogue’s positivity is so strong and powerful.

I get it though. Negativity and reasons to quit are abundant right!

Friends, family, relatives, spouses, partners, colleagues, superiors, the list goes on of people who have a negative opinion or lack the belief and support required.

That’s fine. That’s them. That’s not us. We don’t buy it.

Their projections come out and they spill their self doubts, fears and pessimism on you. It’s not a reflection of you. It’s more a reflection of them.

But back to the inner dialogue…

Being absolutely in love with what you’re doing, what you want, and what you have to be in order to have what you want are essentials. It’s non negotiable. And it comes very easily when you’re full of love. Not fear.

It cannot be conditional either!

“I’m down to train on Thursday, but can we not do Friday because it’s Jenny’s birthday do.”

Screw Jenny’s birthday! (Sorry Jenny)

Success is not conditional. Success is a full time pursuit. It doesn’t wait. No matter how big or small the goal, I’m learning that this always applies.

So sure, we may change the environment if we can afford to, we may upgrade our peer group if we can. But even if we can’t, it’s not a problem. Just don’t share your goals, dreams with naysayers!

But most of all, practice love! Practice positivity. Practice Optimism.

Love your dream

Love your process

Love yourself







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