I’m a Grown Up. Should I go and make new buddies?

So the football season has started again in England and it’s always that special occasion where every fan, player, coach comes together in hope. Anything can happen! We can all dream anyway.

But today, I’ve just finished watching something of a masterclass from one of the teams expected to do well this season and I noticed something. Something obvious that I hadn’t noticed before…

When you’re around people better than you, you end up doing better yourself.

I don’t believe this is just applicable to sport, it’s in every walk of life, from work to relationships. Quality leads to quality. Especially when it comes to people.

Fortunately today there are so many opportunities to upgrade our peer group and add that quality we need to get inspired, get motivated and go on.

And just because we’re adults with jobs, responsibilities, families, existing friends etc doesn’t mean we can’t add to what we have.

This also doesn’t mean that we have to take our existing friends out or neglect people. No, we can definitely add to what we have. Everyone has their place. Old friends, new friends.

I’m sure if you look at the 5 most common people you talk to there’s a real mix of personalities and professions and then with that, different types of conversations and qualities that you exchange with those people!

Our friends are great, and with more variety, they are able to help us be more.

This is why I believe adding new friends is important if we have ambitions and now, through things like Meetup we have no excuses.

Tools such as meetup and facebook groups have given us incredibly powerful ways to make sure we’re not standing still and are continuing to learn, grow and add value through the people we hang around with.


You’re the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most.

Therefore, me personally, I’m gonna look at at attending at least one meetup frequently this year in an area relating to my goals.

If you haven’t had the chance before, you can check out meetup here.



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