The power of the paid peer group

Looking at the Incredible Hulk artwork I have on my wall it is a constant reminder that this is a process. I have big goals, ambitions and desires but when I look too far ahead, it’s so easy to fall off the wagon and get disheartened. That’s why I’ve made it a conscious act to love the now, and really appreciate the present.

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This year has been one where I’ve struggled to make forward strides with speed for a number of reasons, but one of them definitely being that I just haven’t kept a narrow enough focus on what I need to do in the here and now.

There’s definitely been a case of shiny object syndrome and I’ve carelessly moved from one area to the other. To me, that’s weakness, that’s a lack of faith, that’s a lack of belief in what I’m doing and a lack of belief in myself! I know that had I stayed the course on any of my previous projects when the going got tough I would be further down the line, but I didn’t learn my lesson that easy!

So knowing this pattern and understanding the journey is a process now, and accepting that the journey is not just a straight path, I’ve realized that I need to increase the quality of people I’m learning from and have access to people who are where I want to be. These people can help me better navigate along the path and give me the support and guidance that simply is not available elsewhere.

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Not quite this, but I’ll be ready to grab a cup!

That has meant that in the last couple of weeks I have invested into a membership for an exclusive community built around Entrepreneurship and I have another offer that I’m going to sign off on today. These play host to people in similar positions to myself or higher, (and even higher than that!) and are places where there is a lot of group support and guidance. It’ s exactly what I’m looking for.

These are significant fees for me, compared to the average annual or lifetime membership of the gym for instance, but this is more than that.

This is an investment into upgrading how my brain works! It’s upgrading my peer group, the quality of advice I receive and this being based on quality of the experiences others have had. It really is a step up from what I’m used to and as a result it’s requiring me to be more committed and action taking. It’s like the financial investment is like my skin in the game and I don’t want to let myself down now because there’s something at stake!

Truth is, sometimes a financial commitment is what it takes. It pushes you outside your comfort zone and sends you to a new level. One that I’m sure you’ll face internal resistance around when faced with deciding on it or not.

But life is continually about upgrading your comfort zone so that you are always in a state of expansion and growth. Having made this plunge into exclusive communities, I’m not going to have any expectation of the outcome but I will have expectation on myself feeling more supported and connected to my desired outcomes.

Still, either way it’s down to me to take the decisive action and make things happen but with this investment I’m increasing my chances.

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