Welcome to our blog. That’s me on the right.

We’d like to thank you for stopping by and thank you for your attention. You could have been anywhere, but you’re rocking out here with us. That means a lot 🙂

We’re both going through an interesting transitional time trying to discover and define ourselves personally and professionally as we both have begun embarking on an entrepreneurial journey.

The consistent confirmation that we are not exactly employee material eventually came to a point where we had to wake up and smell the coffee. The years of job hopping, chasing money, trading time for money, being locked to a location had taken their toll. It couldn’t go on. Especially knowing it didn’t need to go on.

This wouldn’t lead to the success we had planned for ourselves, and would certainly not lead to us leaving behind any meaningful legacy or contribution to wider society. Which is the ultimate goal.

“You control every aspect of your life 100%.” 

So we decided to act like it.

This has now evolved into us setting ourselves the goal to be financially free over 2017-18. We’ll explore the mechanics of what we’re doing and share how things have and have not been working, but more importantly we’ll also explore the importance of our mindset and having a spiritual foundation to all that we do.

I truly hope you’re able to find something of inspiration, education or entertainment within our various pieces of content as we persistently push forward towards our goals.

Another big reason for the content is to connect and get to know YOU. So while you’re here, don’t be a stranger, please leave a comment, interact and let’s connect.

Now let’s go get some.

Utkarsh (UK)

Aug 2017